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2015 NWCPTS Fall Conference

  • November 13, 2015
  • George Fox University, 12753 SW 68th Avenue, P510 Tigard, OR 97223

The Northwest Center for Play Therapy Studies
2015 Fall Conference

November 13, 2015


Healing Trauma with Play Therapy: An Interpersonal Neurobiology Approach with Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, LMFT

Building on an understanding of how our brains respond to traumatic circumstances, we can create a rich play therapy environment that supports development of embodied brains that can sustain a life of resilience and meaningful relationships for people of every age.  Interpersonal neurobiology tells us that within the foundation of a warm, sustaining relationship, all the ingredients for repairing upset nervous systems and finding the road toward secure attachment are present. Through play therapy interventions with all ages, we can gain understanding of the brains and minds of our clients, and can enrich our capacity to collaborate with the brain’s abundant natural healing processes.  In addition, our clarity about these processes can provide us with a greater sense of stability and balance, side by side with broader compassion – both of which are secure foundations to bring into the playroom for being with trauma’s emotional intensity. In this workshop, we will engage in whole-brained learning, expanding our knowledge about how these neurobiological processes unfold, while we are also experiencing the principles to help us embody our learning.

The workshop will begin by developing a neurobiologically-based understanding of what trauma is, and then spend time with brain development in the first two years of life in traumatic and non-traumatic circumstances. Accompanied by miniatures and sand, we will explore our embodied brains – including physiology, deep systems of primary emotions and implicit memories, the autonomic nervous system, mirror neurons and resonance circuitry to gain a sense of their value for play therapy. We will delve into how trauma becomes embedded in our clients and in ourselves and what kind of experiences can unlock and heal these painful places. On this foundation, we will be able to explore the neurobiology of the change processes that are facilitated by play therapy within the safety of a warm, stable relationship – for clients of all ages.

More information is available at nwplaytherapy.org

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OR select this link http://www.georgefox.edu/counseling-programs/clinics/play-therapy/Fall-Play-Therapy-Conference-Brochure.pdf for the brochure and mail your registration and check to:

Northwest Center for Play Therapy Studies
George Fox University
12753 SW 68th Avenue, P510
Tigard, OR  97223

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